The Shoe Snob – About Us

“Style” and “ fashion” are as different as “love” and “infatuation”. The first is permanent, the second fleeting. This is why genuinely stylish men see quality shoes – footwear being a man’s sartorial foundation – as an investment for life. And so, it’s impossible for a man who cares about his appearance not to develop serious passion about his footwear and its health, vitality and longevity. 

Indeed, if curation and service are The Shoe Snob’s bricks, then passion - accumulated over years of experience - is its mortar. This has been the case ever since the website was founded back in 2013 by Justin FitzPatrick – and is truer now than ever as new owner Julian Radford continues to helm the enterprise.

That passion is the wind in Julian’s sails, as he embarks on an endless and tireless quest to find the best of the best, from around the world, in shoe-related products and accessories. Integrity, ingredients, efficacy, provenance – all of these variables are pored over obsessively before products are allowed into the hallowed realm that is The Shoe Snob’s product range (marketing brio and price point, by the way, don’t even enter the mix).

And yet, The Shoe Snob is more – so much more – than just a retailer. It’s also a community of like-minded people – people who not only know their vamps from their uppers and their collars from their counters, but also the difference between how shea butter and beeswax nourish and nurture quality leather – who come together to feed off each other’s passion, experience and knowledge.

Naturally, we’re proud of our cause – in part because it militates against throwaway culture, and thus encourages sustainable living, but also because preserving beautiful possessions, nurturing them, coaxing them into ever-increasing state of beauty, is an inherently noble undertaking.


We hope that you enjoy the website and its contents and should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us: