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Boot Black – The Ultimate Shoe Brush

The Ultimate Shoe Brush?

Isaac Newton – bear with us here – once said: “Only my application brings me success”. Quality tools are as essential to shoe snobbery ...

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Sartorial excellence is achieved, quite literally, from the ground up.
Footwear worth having is worth looking after. Looked-after footwear will improve, and become more ‘yours’ – more ‘you’ – with age. 

These are the founding pillars of The Shoe Snob, a purveyor of shoe accessories and a rich source of know-how for the footwear cognoscenti, launched back in 2013 by Justin FitzPatrick and Ngoni Tshekeche and now run by Julian Radford with assistance from Ngoni.

Want to find out more, and to join a community of like-minded, stylish people who believe that shoes are for life as well as see caring for them as a passion project rather than a chore? Step this way…

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