Here at The Shoe Snob, we believe that a man’s sartorial foundation begins at his feet, and more importantly, the shoes that he adorns.

Much like anything that you cherish and take pride in, there are certain products that are needed in order to maintain their full potential.

Being the snobs that we are, nothing but the best is acceptable; hence we have taken great care in sourcing the best leather care products available. We pride ourselves in the integrity of our products, the ingredients from which they are made and the results that they will produce.

Because of this simplistic yet integral view, you won’t find fancy wording, any over-expanded ingredient listings (which you might not understand) or any rambling gibberish in an attempt to sell you our products. Instead, you will see images & videos that convey what our products can do for you and some information to help you decide which of our products are right for you. We hope that you enjoy the website and its contents and should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us: