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Welt / Applicator Brush - Light
Welt / Applicator Brush - Light
Welt / Applicator Brush - Light

Welt / Applicator Brush - Light

The Shoe Snob
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The welt brush is one of the handiest tools in shoe polishing. Without it, it would prove difficult to clean not only the welt and stitching on the welt, but also the sides of the soles and heels; parts that are often overlooked on a shoe but speak wonders about the elegance of the shoe.

A dirty, unkempt welt/side of the sole is one of the most awful sights to see on a nice dress shoe, so it is important to have one of these nifty brushes to get into those hard to reach places.

Use The Shoe Snob welt/applicator brush (in conjunction with The Shoe Snob Coloured Cream Polish) to apply the polish all around the shoe and sole, and then The Shoe Snob 6" Shine Brush to buff it up, for your on-the-go shine!

  • Dark brush for dark polishes; light brush for tan/mid-brown. Don’t use the same brush to do both black and tan shoes or you will darken and possibly stain your tan shoes. Two is the minimum one should purchase, but three is ideal as black polish should have its own brush
  • Made of 100% horsehair

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