Charcoal/Fuchsia Colour Mid Calf Socks for Men | Soho Fil D’Ecosse socks
Charcoal/Fuchsia Colour Mid Calf Socks for Men | Soho Fil D’Ecosse socks
Charcoal/Fuchsia Colour Mid Calf Socks for Men | Soho Fil D’Ecosse socks

Soho Fil D’Ecosse - Men's Charcoal/Fuchsia Socks

The Shoe Snob
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The Soho  socks are expertly crafted to a very high standard.

These socks are premium from the yarn through to unrivalled hand-finished quality.

The ultimate in luxury hosiery, this rare and expensive raw material has the longest and finest cotton staple available which gives it its characteristic durability and silky, shiny look.

So why buy Shoe Snob Socks:

World's Finest Yarns – it all starts from the materials we use. At the Shoe Snob we source only the finest quality yarn for our socks. From luxurious cashmere, finest mercerised cotton lisle, through to the best quality merino wool.

Fine-Gauge Knit - all Shoe Snob dress socks are knitted on a very fine gauge, the most common fine gauge Shoe Snob socks using 200 stitches around the circumference of the sock leg. A multitude of needles knit the various threads into a series of interlocking loops. Computerized sock knitting machines can work at extremely high speeds.

Fine hand-linked Toe Seams: knitting makes a cylindrical tube, thus sewing is required in order to link the separated toe part together. This may be done by machine (rough but cheap), or by hand (fine but expensive) - a virtually undetectable, flat seam is on all of our fine gauge dress socks. This is one distinguishing feature for high quality socks.

Generous Elastic Top - to ensure the socks stay in place without pinching or rubbing

Increased Knitting Tension - with a higher stitch density than other socks, our socks 'hug' the leg and foot better without the need to add elastane

Reinforced Toe - using carefully colour-matched nylon we reinforce the toe area to resist abrasion.

Extended Reinforced Heel - extending beyond the usual wear area, the reinforced heel also adds durability to this area of heavy wear.

Smooth Sole - the flat-knit sole provides everyday comfort and a uniform fit throughout the foot area.

    *For hygiene purposes once the seal is broken and the items have been tried on, they cannot be returned or exchanged. If you are unsure about the sizing, please, email us at*


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