Coloured Cream Polish - Black
Coloured Cream Polish - Black
Coloured Cream Polish - Black

Coloured Cream Polish - Black

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The colour in your leather is an added feature applied by the tannery that made it. This means that in reality it is not permanent and can fade away over time due to sun exposure, lack of treatment, excessive use of shoes etc. In order to maintain the leathers’ pigment, you will need to use a concentrated cream polish that helps to rejuvenate and therefore maintain its colour. The Shoe Snob Coloured Cream Polish will do just that, as its highly pigmented and cream based nature allows for a deep impregnation into the pores of the leather, not only to give colour back, but also to nourish it. Doing so with the welt brush, after applying the mink oil renovator and before the beeswax polish, this critical step will ensure that the colour of your leather will maintain its radiance.

  • Lanolin beeswax based
  • Highly pigmented cream polish for colour rejuvenation and nourishment of leather
  • Not for High shine – you will need to use The Shoe Snob Beeswax Polish for this
  • Use the welt brush to apply over entire shoe, evenly, including the sides of the soles. Then allow to dry for at least 10 minutes
  • Made in France