Beeswax Shoe Polish - Green
Beeswax Shoe Polish - Green
Beeswax Shoe Polish - Green

Beeswax Shoe Polish - Green

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In the shoe polish world there are several different types of products, each designed to create different results. This is a beeswax based shoe polish that is intended simply to create a high shine and to protect your leather. Our wax polish is not strong in pigmentation and therefore should not alter the colour of your shoes. If you are looking to create the best shine possible in the shortest amount of time, The Shoe Snob Beeswax Polish is the one for you. However, if you wish to rejuvenate or change the colour of your shoe, you will probably be interested in our Coloured Cream Polish.

  • Beeswax polish with a turpentine (oil from pine tree) base
  • Intended for high shine and the protection from rain/dirt
  • Smells delicious and is as natural as you will find (you can smell the quality!)
  • Does not dry out if the lid is left on (as many beeswax polishes do), but does if the lid is left off
  • At 100ml (twice the size of most generic polishes), it will last you a long time if used correctly
  • Made in France